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Is your "dream job" horse training, but you don't know where to start?

Come give the Trainer Training Course a try!

In this training course, you will work with me directly, using my Unique Horsemanship approach to horse training! A program that has trained and transformed over 800 horses, and counting by the day! 

In addition to teaching horses, I've also trained many successful horsewoman, and love to watch my trainees succeed and develop their own programs.

If you're a horse person who wants to train professionally but doesn't know where to start, look no further.

The internet has a plethora of DvD's you can rent, books you can buy and articles you can read, but if you're like me 11 years ago, watching just doesn't cut it, and neither does a few lessons here and there that slowly advance your skills on one or two horses. I believe aspiring trainers need to work with a wide range of horses, and that's what I offer.

Here's how it works:

For $50. women 16 to 60 years of age can come out to my ranch and get hands on coaching for an hour. I'll teach you the basics of how I teach ground work using an experienced horse, and as soon as you've got it we'll move on to a problem horse where you can put those exercises to the test, while being coached through the whole process.

You'll be working on timing and feel from the moment you enter the arena, and through your whole training course.

Next you'll learn how to desensitize horses to spooky objects. You'll get to work with many different horses in varying stages of difficulty to learn from their differences AND similarities.

Once you've got that down you will have the opportunity to work with a wild horse or mustang with very little to no handling. Here you'll learn the cause and effect of good timing and feel, learn how to catch a wild horse, put the first halter on, and teach them how to lead and lunge.

Your next step will brush up on riding if you need it, and work on timing and feel from the saddle. You'll work on teaching a green horse how to flex, side pass, pivot, stop and back up, hold their gaits, and collect up.

In this stage you will get to work with green horses, good horses that need brushing up, and problem horses.

If you can learn from'em, I've got'em!

The next phase will consist of getting a colt rider-ready and putting on the first rides, using my effective approach to colt starting. You'll learn how to saddle and bridle safely, get an unbroke colt over his first buck fest, ground drive, put them through safety tests, ponying, and putting those first all-important rides on.

From there you'll learn how to deal with common issues like sitting back, trailer loading problems, rearing, bucking, kicking, biting, etc. Everything you need to learn before becoming an official horse trainer.

Those of you who continue to this level in my training course can start my internship program, where fees are waived as you assist me in daily training while continuing to be coached, to advance your skills, and get more time under your belt. In my experience, confidence comes with familiarity, and I'd like to give you that opprotunity. This "continued learning phase" offers morning and evening hours, with sessions ranging from 2 to 6 hours.

Note: If you have a lot of experience with your own horses, you'll move through the program very quickly. Completion typically takes anywhere from 20 to 40 days, depending on your experience. Intern programs can start as early as 16 days in. Again, depending on skill level and experience.

If you have an interest in specific discipline training, I'd be happy to teach you. I teach all western events other than roping.

Contact me for more information, and come give it a try! No contracts, no lock downs. We'll operate one session at a time while you advance your skills. And y0ur custom timeline can start any time - no "start date."

Also: I teach with your schedule in mind! You can schedule 1 to 5 lessons a week, in the morning or the evening.

I'm looking forward to coaching you on your journey to becoming a horse trainer!

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