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Attention: Horses marked "coming soon" are listed when they come in on consignment. Contact us for more information and to get on a waiting list for them so you are the first to know when they are ready to go up for sale. You will be notified before they are listed on For Sale sites!
uniquehorsemanship@gmail.com - (512)409-1389

Journey   For Sale

If you have a kid that's trying to get somewhere in youth, this is your horse!
Journey runs barrels and poles and absolutely loves her job. No alley issues, just wants to get in there, back her ears and run her heart out. She's been trail ridden on, used for lessons and a few other things, but her happy place is speed events. Owned by a youth who has moved on to a Pro Rodeo prospect, and tuned up here at Unique Horsemanship.
This mare is an absolute pistol! She's been running barrels and hauled extensively, and has just started learning poles and can already clock a 25, much to her trainer's surprise!  

Journey has 0 issues, bad habits, allergies, lameness issues, etc. Just an all around good girl, and gorgeous too! She stands a great youth 14.0 hands short, stocky build, with a gorgeous buckskin color with high black points and an added thick, black dorsal stripe. At just 6 years old, this little champ is already an impressive runner.
This mare is sure to take your youngster far in Junior High or Youth Rodeos. Just needs the competitive little girl or boy to jockey her. A great "Journey" awaits! :)

Suitable for intermediate and up. $3,000.


Elsa - Coming Soon

Coming soon we'll be offering this 8 year old Halflinger mare, who is currently in training with us. She is sweet, sound, and passing our safety tests with flying colors.

Her expected list price is $2,500.

Contact us to be put on the waiting list if you're interested!


Valentine Lil Foot  SOLD

Stella is a true BLUE roan, with absolutely no brown to her coat. She is a black black with heavy roan giving her a silver sheen. Her color and 16.1 hands with a huge body structure catches the eyes of those around her everywhere we go.
Stella has over a year of professional training collectively, being started by the great roping training Raul Hernandez then finished out by Unique Horsemanship. To top off her experiences, she just received 30 days of barrel training with multiple arena record holding trainer, Sabrina Alvarez, and is cruising a nice barrel pattern. 
Stella has been trail ridden on, worked cows, hauled to barrel races, you name it. She even just had her first exhibitions at the very busy GFR Thanksgiving Classic with a youth rider, and did amazingly. All of this and she's only 6 years old!
This gorgeous mare is about to hit her prime and needs someone to go compete on her really use her potential. Being sold because of personal life reasons, for no fault of her own.
Stella has over 1/2 MILLION in collective earnings over 5 generations, with an average of $5,425 per horse! She has greats in her immediate pedigree like Leo San, Doc Bar, Boon Bar, Peppy San Badger and TWO TIMES Blue Valentine. What a broodmare after you're done using her potential!
Continue her on barrels and let her be a great like Blue Valentine, or exploit her cow sense and excel in team penning, sorting or roping. This big strong mare will get the job done. Adjust your bridle, cinch and breast collar to the largest setting for her slim fit but huge stature and feel her well trained and powerful riding style.
Stella lopes beautiful circles, has a really big stop, spins, does great roll backs and backs up fast. Loads and unloads great, stands tied, for the farrier and for a bath, you name it.
These bloodlines are known for being cold backed, where you have to run them down for a half hour, but that has never been her. Lunge her for 5 mins and you're set. Never bucked with a rider! She's a hot horse, beautifully responsive and has a brain to her. Not mare-ish with a great working attitude.
No vices or health issues. UTD on coggins, vaccinations and hoof care. This is an all-around great horse in one big, beautiful package.


Indra   SOLD

Here is a nice young mare that could go any direction. She has 90 days of training here at Unique Horsemanship and is getting a nice handle on her. Indra's main attributes are her gorgeous color and nice conformation, but mostly, her mind. At just 60 days of riding, we put an 11 year old on her without a concern and she rode the intermediate young girl around beautifully. 
Indra is a nice mover when you turn up the heat. Her big sloping hip and low set hocks make for some great roll backs and catty moves. She'd be an excellent barrel, pole bending or playday prospect, put her on cows and use her grit for team penning or sorting, or just enjoy her sweet personality as a pretty trail horse.
Indra just turned 4, 14.3 hands, UTD on all. No bad habits or vices. Easy keeper just on hay, natural muscle. Great barefoot hooves.  Pick this one up and polish her your way or leave her in training with us, so I can shape her in the direction you'd like to go. This willing little girl could do just about anything! $2,500.


Nova - SOLD

This is one of the best Arabians I've seen in a very long time. Miss Nova is not only gorgeous and built right, but she has a sweet personality too. Very gentle and charismatic. Her beautiful dapple grey coat and great mind would probably make her an excellent pony club horse! But she doesn't necessarily have to go that direction. If you love Arabians but want one on that's medium energy, to just ride around and enjoy, this is your girl. She's passed extensive safety and desensitizing tests, and is just fun to float around on with her gently springing gaits. 

Nova's been trail ridden in a halter by her owner, hauls great, LOVES bathes, loads right up into a trailer, great stops, beautiful collection, side passes and pivots.....been there done that.  And she's only 7! Nova also jumps 1 meter jumps with very little training. Just a cute little 14.2hh girl. Not mareish, easy going, low maintenance. Clean legs, never seen a lame step.

Vet checks welcome.

For riders intermediate and up. $3,000.


Triumph - Sold

Rodeo prospect!!! This handsome dark gold (even in winter) palomino would make someone an awesome barrel, pole, or roping horse, or all 3! Triumph has hauled, headed and he's currently loping a nice barrel pattern - building a solid foundation on the pattern and just about ready to speed things up.

Triumph is a high energy, responsive gelding that wants to run. But he has a good head on his shoulders. Pretty bold and yet very respectful. He's been started right and rides very nicely. Owner had an accident off of a ladder and can no longer keep him. Would love to see him go in a competitive direction.
Triumph is good at all the little stuff to. He likes baths, loads and unloads nicely, ties for hours, low maintenance to feed, no supplements, never taken a lame step - vet checks welcome. He'd be a heck of a lot more $$$ if he was registered, but unfortunately for us and fortunately for you, his breeder never sent in the paperwork.
This is an opportunity to get a NICE rodeo horse on a budget. Needs a little polishing and he'll be something special. A real favorite at the training barn, this sweet gelding could go any direction with speed and performance! $3,000.


Apache     SOLD   

Wow what a horse! Apache is a once in a life time calm and dependable mount suitable for any rider. His continuously low head set, quiet disposition and smooth easy gaits makes him a great prospect for timid riders! Ride professionally? You'll enjoy him too! Apache knows his leg cues, gorgeous collection that has placed in Western Dressage horse shows, and a working attitude that has placed 9th out of 160 riders at a state Competitive Trail competition! 

Apache rides through the water and heavy brush. Slow and easy out in the open pastures, pushes cattle like its fun, and has smooth gaits to die for. He hauls great, loves bathes and enjoys getting his hooves trimmed. He's low on the pecking order out in a herd, and acts the same with people. "Yes ma'am!" attitude with no maintenance necessary. 

He's barefoot sound with great hooves, an easy keeper just on a round bale, or feed him 2 scoops of grain a day and watch him pack on the muscle. He doesn't have any bad habits or vices and has been nothing but healthy. Never coliced, choked, or gone lame. Just an easy going, easy to care for and VERY easy on the eyes ;) gelding right here. He's 14.3 and 9 years old. That perfect, been there done that age and it shows. He's not afraid of anything, even in my extensive desensitizing program. Such a cool fella right here. Looking for an awesome home! He deserves it.  Currently available $4,500.


Hotshot - SOLD

Offering for sale one cool fella! Hotshot is kicking off his barrel racing journey in a big way with a check in his FIRST EVER ENTRY with a rider he'd never ridden with before! This impressive gelding is going to go somewhere!
Hotshot rides beautifully, with a gorgeous slow lope, big stops, finger light neck rein and flying lead changes. He came from a cattle ranch from a younger age where he learned to be one heck of a riding horse with a "yes ma'am" attitude.  He's been ridden by about a dozen different riders here with me, and responds well to various riding styles and riding abilities. He's been exhibitioned in nearly a dozen arenas and just started competing. Snag him before the price goes up and finish him out your way!
No issues, no vices, no supplements or injections needed. Holds weight on a round bale!
This is a dependable mount that's the same every time you pull him out, whether it was yesterday or 3 months ago. $4,500.


WJ Quixote Bar Peppy "Doc"   SOLD

Offering for sale a great looking horse, with an impeccable pedigree, exceptional athletic ability, sweet personality and great handle. Doc's pedigree is full of the best of the best, like Doc Olena, Three Bars, King, Peppy San Badger, Doc Quixote, Gay Bar King and Poco Bueno! In the first 5 generations in his pedigree alone, his linage has exceed earnings of over a half a million dollars. Doc would be no exception to the average earnings of $9,097 per horse in those bloodlines if given the chance.
Doc is 15 but hasn't had his legs worked off of him. He's been just a general riding horse, until recently, when he received 120 days of professional training with Unique Horsemanship to broaden his education. Doc lopes beautiful collected circles, jogs with a low headset, has big stops, pivots, side passes, and he when asked can give a great sprint speed and powerful roll back. Doc would make a great competition horse for competitive trail, western dressage, reining, working cow horse events, etc. But that doesn't mean he has to go that direction. Doc has been ridden on the trail, to the corner store, and on down the road. If you want that Doc Bar look, with great muscle, thick stature and a durable bone structure for an every day riding horse to just enjoy, Doc can fit that bill. Use his fantastic pedigree and professional training for competition or purely for enjoyment. 
Doc has been owned by the same person for the last 3 yeas and has no known health or soundness issues, no vices etc. He loves baths, getting his hooves trimmed, loads and unloads from the trailer with ease, walks on the hot walker and will stand tied for hours. Anybody with horse experience will enjoy and appreciate this gelding. Doc is up to date on vaccinations, Coggins, hoof care and dental. In great shape and ready to go. Contact us for a more information and a video! $4,500.

Viziato     SOLD

From the very beginning this pretty girl has been successful and she's sure to continue. Winning a halter show as a weanling and then coming in 2nd in the FFA State Show as a 2 year old, she's not only shown off her gorgeous confirmation but her amazing mind. Viziato has a really nice set of AQHA papers that she follows along with in her attributes. She has 120 days on her here at Unique Horsemanship and already has a great handle, has learned barrels and poles, been on trail rides and even been used in the lesson program for a 13 year old beginner rider. This filly could go any direction and should go to someone who wants to use her potential. She was a great project for her owner and great show horse, and now it's time for someone to go on with her and give her the time she deserves. She'd be suitable for barrels, poles, team penning and sorting, competitive trail, working cow horse events, or to just have an easy life being a calm and sensible trail horse. Her options are virtually limitless! At 2 and 1/2 years old, she really impresses her trainer! Already 14.3 hands, this gorgeous filly should mature to 15.2 and be one heck of a riding mount.  She will remain in training until sold. Price will increase with training. Currently $3,000.