Unique Horsemanship

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Why Choose Unique Horsemanship?

Sabrina Alvarez is known for her effective approach, working with horses in many disciplines. With a focus on what each individual horse needs for optimum learning capabilities, Sabrina believes horses deserve a training method uniquely formed to each individual horse. Using this method for speed event horses, she has won over 30 trophy buckles saddles, and money earnings from competing in barrel races, playday/gymkanas, and pole bending events such as being the NBHA Texas State 1D Pole Bending Champion, ANHA Shootout Winner and setting 3 arena records throughout her career.

In addition to her success in the speed world, she has taken her horses and many clients' horses to the win in western dressage, trail and competitive trail, team sorting, team penning, and reining.

With a vast knowledge and an open mind to each horse's specific needs, the Unique Horsemanship training method is a great option if you want your horse to get a great education and really have the time put into them necessary for success. 

Whether you're wanting your colt started right, your riding horse to advance to a high level performance horse or you just want a dependable riding mount, Unique Horsemanship's training method offers a custom program that will help your horse achieve those goals, along side the 800+ horses that Sabrina has transformed with her unique training method over the years. 

Sabrina running barrels bridleless with nothing but a neck rope on Chiquita, a kill pen horse she started and trained!

Sabrina's ribbon wall at the ranch. Ribbons won by her personal horses and horses in training. ^


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