Unique Horsemanship

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Pricing & Availability

Current Number of Stalls & Pens Open: 2     

No openings currently available? Not to worry! Contact us today to be put on a waiting list, so your horse can immediately fill the next opening!

Colt Starting - $800

The colt starting package includes 30 days of ground work for respect, desensitizing, ponying and riding, focusing on the key fundamentals to set them up for a life of success as a riding horse. 

Add an additional 30 days to put a great foundation on your colt, and get them riding in the arena, as well as working out in the pasture, for $700.

Tune Up's - $700

With the Tune Up package your horse will receive 30 days of training focusing on problem solving, respect work in the saddle and on the ground, desensitizing, and increasing your horses overall knowledge of higher level skills. Such as leg cues, sliding stops, increased flexibility and softness, roll backs, perfect circles, collection, lead changes, and improvement of gait speed and consistency. 

This package is for horses already broke to ride.  

Competitor Training - $900

Have a horse with a good handle, who needs to advance? The Competitor package offers 30 days of specific training in the discipline of your choice such as barrel racing, pole bending, trail class and competitive trail, playdays, western dressage, and working cow horse events. In the first 15 days, your horse will receive fine tuning training to improve their skills, then they'll get the chance to hit the road and try out those skills at an event!

*entry fees to be paid by owner

Lessons - $45 an hour

Unique Horsemanship offers lessons to individuals on their own horses or on a selection of pleasure and speed event horses here in the program. 

Advance your skills with a hands on lesson custom to what you are wanting to accomplish! We'd love to have you! So contact us to get on the schedule!

Clinics!! $250 per person
Our next Cornerstone Confidence & Control Clinic will be held in Gonzales, TX in October 2020!
Stay tuned for more information!